Co-dependency is a highly controversial struggle and so often misunderstood, misdiagnosed and all too often remains untreated. One description is "addicted to the addict", another is addicted to a person or relationship and often it's a person who is addicted to control. Co-dependency often means that a person sees the relationship or their "loved one" as more important than themselves. There is one person in the relationship that is trying everything in their power to make the relationship work but it is completely one-sided but they are often so deep in denial. Denying their own wants or needs, they simply just want to be loved. Unfortunately, by being co-dependent it causes more problems than solutions. If you are co-dependent you more than likely will be abused and/or taken advantage of. This is often not sufficient of a consequence and most co-dependents would just find excuses for it and continue being in denial.

Understand the Symptoms
Here is a list of some of the symptoms of someone who is co-dependent:
  • They are constantly taking care of their partner/child or loved on (almost acting as a mother figure or father figure)
  • They have low self esteem
  • They suppress their own needs
  • They may suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder and worry about everything
  • They suffer from denial
  • They rely on others to make them happy and give them what they need
  • They are bad at communicating
  • They do not trust themselves or anyone or will trust someone untrustworthy
  • They have sex just to make their partner happy whether they feel like it or not
  • They are either responsible or irresponsible
  • They find it hard to find happiness
  • Are often addicted to "HOPE"

The above mentioned symptoms will only become worse over time causing the co-dependent individual to become depressed, to start neglecting their own lives, daily routines as well as their family or friends and they could possibly even start abusing substances like over the counter or prescription medication or even start drinking in an attempt to make the situation better. At CHANGES, we focus on helping the co-dependent as well as the chemically dependent, because we recognize the need for a holistic healing and without healing the whole family, recovery is very difficult.

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