When it comes to addiction, the reality is that the whole family is affected by their loved one's addiction. As the addiction progresses for the addict so do the effects on the family. It is normal for family members to feel confused, angry and helpless. Living with an addict/alcoholic takes a toll on all family members – physically, emotionally and spiritually. You can’t control your loved one’s addiction, but you can take responsibility for your own health and happiness. You will learn three basic truths about the disease:

  • You didn’t cause the addiction
  • You can’t control the addiction
  • You can’t cure the addiction

Family Guidance and Counselling is just as important as the counselling that the addict receives. Recovery is stronger and more effective when family members are educated and involved in the treatment process. By attending the weekly family support group, you will gain education and guidance from other family members, with the help of a trained facilitator. The addict will be in recovery one day at a time for their entire lives and the family need to understand this to be able to support them. At CHANGES we offer a powerful, constructive, non-judgmental family support group. There are no charges for this group. It is open to the public and all friends and family are welcome.

These groups run every Wednesday at 5.45pm – 7pm (excluding public holidays) A Tough love group is also hosted at CHANGES every Monday at 7.30pm

Both support groups will teach and guide families in their journey of recovery from their loved one’s addiction

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