Gambling addiction can be classified as any form of betting that causes problems in one's life such as financial problems, relationship problems and even problems with work. Whether you gamble every day or once in a while, it can still be a problem. Gambling addicts will gamble whenever they have the chance to and they are unable to stop until there are consequences. They will gamble even if they do not have the money to do so. As with almost all other addictions, they will make a plan to gamble, in other words, borrow money, steal, and even take out a loan.

Anyone can become a gambling addict

Obsessive gamblers/gambling addicts are not able to control the 'craving' to gamble. No matter what their mood or financial situation is, they will continue to gamble and that is how it starts to become a big problem and affect their work and personal lives. It is usually individuals that do not earn a large salary or that have financial problems to start with that develop a gambling problem. Some of the other reasons as to why individuals start gambling are; to get the 'rush' (feeling of adrenaline), to forget about problems, to cure boredom, perceived as a quick solution to money problems and to cure stress. Gambling addicts land themselves in so much debt that in some cases they need to go to extreme measures to pay off the debt. It is recommended that families seek guidance to gain information to deal with this addiction.

Identify the symptoms of a Gambling Addiction
  • Secretive of whereabouts and where money is spent
  • Becoming defensive about gambling
  • Becoming defensive over money that is being used
  • Becoming desperate to make more money or get more money
  • Not being able to control the gambling
  • Ill health
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Lies

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