• An ability to hold down employment or attend to their studies
  • A strong family or employment support structure
  • Whether or not the patient can 'leave their lives' to attend treatment
  • If these factors are correctly assessed, then Outpatient Treatment could be the solution and may suit their needs very well
  • Morning or evening options are available and the choice is based on their responsibilities, and the circumstances which pertain to their particular situation
  • Morning groups start at 9.30am and run till 1pm including a half-hour step work
  • Evening groups start at 4.30pm and run till 7pm

Ideally if a client has the required degree of functionality we will recommend and support outpatient treatment. The functionality required, the patient's routine and support systems that are in place will determine the success of the outpatient program. Clients will receive their schedules upon admission in their treatment file and given a timeslot for their individual counselling sessions. They also need to attend four 12 Step Meetings per week, one AA meeting will be attended at CHANGES on Mondays after group.

Outpatient treatment as a follow up to completing inpatient treatment

Upon completion of the Inpatient Treatment Program, Clients are encouraged to move into the Halfway House to consolidate their process to enhance long term recovery and sobriety. If they are not working or studying, we recommend participation in both morning and evenings groups until they feel more stable and able to start looking at future-prospects. We offer Outpatient Care for up to 12 months of the person's sobriety. We encourage ongoing individual therapy, ongoing 12 step support group meetings, and an ongoing relationship with their 12 Step Sponsor. Attendance at aftercare for as long as the client feels it is necessary to attend. Most of our long term recovering clients attend aftercare for a minimum of 2 years. There is no extra charge for this service.

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