For some people who are having difficulty coping with problems in their lives they go to extreme measures such as cutting themselves, abusing themselves, and inflicting violence on themselves. This is because they would rather feel physical pain than have to deal with emotional pain as it is too unbearable. They become addicted to hurting themselves as they feel some form of relief from it. Self-harm releases endorphins to counter act the pain, thus resulting in the addiction. It would be wrong to say that there is one reason as to why people would rather inflict physical pain on themselves than deal with the emotional pain. Many people that are addicted to harming themselves are usually depressed and are therefore already in a bad place so harming themselves seems like a logical solution to their problems.

Get help before it's too late
The signs that a loved one is hurting themselves are as follows:
  • Scars that cannot be explained
  • Blood on items of clothing or tissues
  • The person is in possession of sharp objects
  • Accidents happening often
  • Wearing long sleeves and long pants often if not all the time
  • Being isolated for a long time
  • Irritability

Self harm may be a way of dealing with problems but the after effects and the long-term effects will just make things worse. In most cases, self-harm is not a suicide attempt.

The after effects
Some of the effects are:
  • Feeling shameful and guilty afterwards
  • Keeping secrets will lead to loneliness
  • It is possible to seriously injure yourself
  • You don't actually learn how to deal with issues
  • It is an addiction therefore stopping becomes a problem

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