Meet the Team

Sheryl Rahme

Sheryl RahmeSheryl is Co-Owner and therapeutic team leader of CHANGES Treatment Centres.

Sheryl has been actively involved in the field of addiction since the mid-eighties. She joined Tough Love South Africa, to get help with family members who were in crisis. She began volunteering and worked her way up in the organization to become Chairperson for Tough Love South Africa. It is an organization very close to her heart.

Sheryl is passionate about working with addicts and their families and believes in treating addiction with dignity, boundaries and firm love. She specializes in working with Co-Dependency and believes that it’s not enough for the addict to gets well if the family stays stuck. She is highly regarded in the field of drug and alcohol treatment and has built up many long standing relationships within the field

She is blessed to live a life in recovery from Co-Dependency and spiritual awareness keeping her grounded and professional. Working with integrity, honesty and with a client centred approach to running the facility.


Clive Blumenthal

Clive BlumenthalClive is Co-Owner and Financial Director of CHANGES Treatment Centres.

Clive is also proud to be living in recovery. He is a trained Recovery Coach, Counsellor, Group Facilitator and Halfway House Owner.

Clive has the ability to spot dishonesty and call our clients on their defence mechanisms. He is deeply passionate about recovery and working with addicts. He is a “no nonsense” counsellor whom has earned much respect from our recovering population as being loving, direct and approachable. He has the ability to call things with addicts as they are and does not soft soap anythings, the recovering population respects him and value’s his insights. If you are struggling to find the right treatment option for you, call Clive he will put things into perspective very quickly.

Yonit Blumenthal

Yonit BlumenthalYonit is Co-Owner of CHANGES Treatment Centres.

Yonit underwent her own recovery process by living with an addict and recovering from Co-Dependency. She is a teacher and an artist by experience and she runs all aspects of art with the clients and teaches mosaic, creative expression and group cohesion with her workshops.

Yonit is hands on with all day to day support and care at the facility ensuring the smooth running of the facility to enhance the patient’s treatment experience ensuring that all the patients are treated with dignity and respect, she offers love, compassion and understanding.

Yonit is currently studying her Counsellors Diploma and hopes to bring this skill to the facility. Yonit also owns the Halfway Houses and offers the clients ongoing support and care long into their recovery process.

Carmen Du Toit

Carmen Du ToitCarmen Du Toit is in recovery herself, she has had extensive training in addiction treatment, also a member of BAPSA (Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa) Her career began as a trainee counsellor in 2001 at 12-step (Minnesota Model) Treatment Centre.

Was promoted to head counsellor, developed an upmarket inpatient facility and In 2012 Carmen came to CHANGES treatment Centres where she assisted in the preparation, design and delivery of the program incorporating the 12 step principles creating an authentic treatment program.

Carmen’s approach to recovery is setting healthy boundaries she has the ability to dismantle defence mechanisms in a tactful yet powerful way.

Elmien Britz

Elmien BritzElmien is a Social Worker who has 20 years of experience in the addiction field.

Elmien is proficient in group therapy, didactic group therapy as well as individual therapy. Elmien is a systematically trained therapist, with a thorough understanding of cognitive behaviour- as well as psychodynamic therapy. Elmien is a healthy, clinical therapist who has clear, firm and respectable boundaries. Elmien brings a highly professional element to the counselling team at CHANGES.

Her understanding of addiction management, co-dependency and recovery is superlative. Elmien also consult for various Employee Assistant Programmes as a practitioner. She has comprehensive understanding of the treatment of addiction within the workplace. Elmien has a special interest in bereavement and trauma counselling.

John Smith

John SmithJohn Smith is a former high school teacher and guidance counsellor, currently practicing as a certified Recovery Coach, Life Coach, and NLP Coach.

John has become recognized for his work in the field of addiction recovery, assisting people in overcoming obsessive, compulsive and addictive behaviours, including substance abuse. Over the years he has conducted numerous talks, seminars and workshops at business breakfasts, educational facilities, rehabilitation and recovery facilities, as well as media interviews.

John currently serves on the board of directors of Family and Survivors Trust of South Africa (FastSa), as well as on the therapeutic teams of various addiction and mental health recovery facilities and also consults with individual clients, while continuing with public presentations.

Collene Helps B. Soc. Sc

Collene Helps B. Soc. ScCollene is a Counsellor with over 20 years’ experience. Collene has worked in various treatment Centres around Johannesburg, specializing in Addictions, Schizophrenia and other mental health disorders.

She is superlative with cognitive behavioural dynamics and running groups in this regard provides a safe haven for dual diagnosis patients as well as the addicted patient. Collene runs experiential groups on “Thinking Skills”, She is calm, patient, and has invaluable knowledge about addiction.

Her specialty working with pronounced defence mechanisms particularly arrogance, trauma, prison experience and clients who have criminal pasts.

Dr Vusi Machobane

Dr Vusi MachobaneDr Vusi Machobane completed his MBCHB at the Medical University of Southern Africa (Medunsa) in 1998 and finished his residency in Anaesthesiology at George Mukhari Academic hospital in 2004. Included in his speciality is an Addiction Medicine practitioner and a member of the South African Addiction Medicine Society.

He is an anaesthetist in private practice with special interest in the physiology and pharmacology of addictive drugs especially opioids and benzodiazepines and pain management of the patient with an addictive personality. He is passionate about addiction and all its aspects, not just the clinical neurobiological but also the psychosocial therapeutic elements.

Vusi joined the team at CHANGES as soon as it was registered and offers a deep insight into all aspects of the Bio-Psycho-Social model practiced at CHANGES. He is an integral part ofour Medical and Care Team!

Victoria Mdlalose

Victoria MdlaloseVictoria is the “Mamma”, Manager, Step Work Groups supervisor, Head of Organizational portfolio and knows every in and out of the Treatment Centre. She is our “Go to” person, right hand and lady of love and compassion.

Victoria has a flair to help the patients feel comfortable and welcome, and when a patient needs support, confronting them and holding them when they have a break down and need lots of love with boundaries. she is the Day Manager of the Inpatient Centre and runs it like a home, with strict boundaries, lots of love, fair approach and is almost immune to the manipulative traits of our addicted population.

Victoria is a gem to the team and we love and adore her for exactly who she is. Mamma “Vix” is waiting to envelope you with a deep understanding of addiction.

Eunice Mdlalose

Eunice MdlaloseEunice is responsible for attending to clients at the weekend and public holidays supervising 12 step groups, reporting on any issues that might arise and welcoming the visiting family members. She is friendly and nurturing and makes sure everyone is well looked after during the weekends.

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