Changes and Euphonik – Making a difference

Euphonik, one of South Africa’s most prominent DJs in the entertainment industry, has embarked on a campaign that he calls Random Acts of Kindness – changing the world 1 person and 1 day at a time. This time he collaborates with Changes Treatment Centre to help Sipho and Shiraz who were battling with drug and alcohol abuse.

In the video, the victims explain how addiction had negative effects in their lives, such as losing friends, family and loved ones. Euphonik rightly puts it that drug addiction in SA is a big issue, and if it’s not addressed it will have serious repercussions on the victims and their families and loved ones – this will also inevitably have severe consequences in our society as crime rate is usually catapulted when individuals are under the influence of drugs and substances.


Letter From an Alcoholic Addict

I am an Alcoholic Addict; and I need your help!

  • DON’T lecture, blame, or scold me. You would not be angry at me for having TB or Diabetes. Addiction and Alcoholism is a disease too…
  • DON’T throw away my drugs and alcohol, it’s just a waste because I can always get more.
  • DON’T let me provoke your anger. If you attack me verbally or physically, you will only confirm my bad opinion of myself, I hate myself enough already.
  • DON’T be inconsistent and make empty threats. Once you have made a decision, stick to it. 
  • DON’T believe everything I tell you, it may be a lie. Denial of reality is a symptom of my disease. Moreover, I am likely to lose respect for those I can fool too easily.
  • DON’T let me take advantage of you or exploit you. Love cannot exist for long without the dimension of justice.
  • DON’T cover up for me or try in any way to avoid the consequences of my choices.
  • DON’T meet all my obligations, it may avert or reduce the very crisis that would prompt me to confront my issues. I can continue to deny my issues as long as you provide an automatic escape from the consequences of my choices.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is one of the most cunning drugs available to man. It is socially acceptable, encouraged, celebrated with, commiserated with and abused by billions of people.

Most people don’t even realise that they have an alcohol addiction until it’s too late. Alcoholism has been recognised as having a genetic link to previous generations and the life long debate exists as to whether it is “nature or nurture” that causes it. Much like the chicken and egg fable, nobody knows exactly where it starts.

Should you have a grandparent or parents that are addicted to alcohol the chances of you becoming addicted is high. It could stem from how you were raised – if alcohol was available to you from a young age or if your parents tolerated or encouraged the use of it, the more likely you are to enjoy drinking. If you have an underlying psychiatric illness and struggle with emotional health, like depression, are dealing with stress, grief, loss, anger and even anxiety you are more than likely going to develop an alcohol addiction as an attempt to numb the emotional pain.


The Twelve Step Programme

The Twelve-step programme is a guideline or spiritual principle that addicts are recommended to follow in order to complete the recovery process.



rehab staffAs an avid David Bowie fan, when this song came out it was a huge hit but it spoke to me in a special way. Years later in recovery, the words meant everything to me about what we need to do to change. The shame, aging and finally growing comfortable in my own skin through the 12 Step Programme of Recovery. It was all about looking inward and making changes despite the fear! I knew many years ago that I was going to call my treatment centre CHANGES. So I came up with the acronym. Centre for Healing Addictions Growth Emotional Serenity because that’s what recovery meant to me.


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