Family Guidance

family guidance

When it comes to addiction, the reality is that the whole family is affected by their loved one’s addiction. As the addiction progresses for the addict so do the effects on the family. It is important that the families of the addicts understand what their loved ones are going through to a certain extent as well as what their roles are in the recovery process.

The addict will be in recovery one day at a time for their entire lives and the family need to understand this and constantly support them. Family Guidance and Counselling is just as important as the counselling that the addict receives. Families usually don’t realise the impact that the addiction has on their loved one, they just see it as a problem and in some cases simply blame the addict for it. This is a futile exercise. Nobody ever decides to become addicted.

At CHANGES we offer a powerful, constructive, non judgemental family support group. There are no charges for this group. It is open to the public and all friends and family are welcome. These groups run every Wednesday, at 5.45 pm not including public holidays.

A Tough love group is also hosted at Changes every Monday at 7.30pm

Both this support group will teach and guide families in their journey of recovery from their loved ones addiction.

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