• When everything seems like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top...
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  • Addicts are not bad people. They are people trying to get better
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  • Changes Halfway House - Safe, structured environments for recovering addicts
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Welcome to CHANGES Treatment Centre, beautifully situated in the Northcliff area, North of Gauteng. With the insight into the daily demand of substance abuse a well-trained team of professional experts handpicked for CHANGES you will find, Medical Doctors, Clinicians, Counsellors and other trusted professionals. These experts form an extended family for the recovering addict as they make their way through the rehabilitation process. We are a facility with very clear and strong boundaries and we treat our clients professionally with dignity and love, we offer Dual Diagnosis Treatment in the form of an Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Centre as well as a Halfway House, treating Addictions and Addictive Disorders as well as underlying Psychiatric Disorders. We are a registered facility with the Department of Health & Social Development and are registered with all medical aids. At CHANGES Treatment Centre, we provide a safe haven for those suffering from addiction and fearful or apprehensive upon entering into treatment. Staffed, with kind dedicated individuals that help clients get through the withdrawal phase and move on to the rest of their recovery.

CHANGES Treatment Centre & Halfway House offers a vastly unique approach to treating addictions. Whilst we are aware that the archaic belief is that an addict or alcoholic must be treated harshly, in order to achieve a long term, healthy recovery. This myth has been challenged and dismantled by CHANGES Group of Treatment. With our unique approach, we have had much success in treating the disease of addiction with dignity, clear boundaries and firm loving therapies. Many celebrities have found sobriety through a similar approach that CHANGES use, if you are looking for an rehabilitation program that will work and if you take the suggestions which we have to offer you, your lives will Change forever! You could be one of the privileged many that can openly say "I changed at CHANGES"

We understand that life in recovery is living one day at a time, living a conscious present healthy lifestyle. CHANGES Group of Treatment Centres is here for you! Guiding you, supporting you and caring for you every step of the way - from diagnosis to Drug Screening, treatment options for rehabilitation, offering family recovery and beyond. Welcome us to become your one stop, lifelong partner in living drug and alcohol free in recovery from your and/or your loved one's addiction. Consider breaking the chains of old school over crowded rehabilitation Centres and be brave enough to join new, innovative treatment and stop using drugs and alcohol. We do Recover!

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What We Offer

At Changes We Do Real Mistakes I'm Sorry Second Chances Fun Hugs Forgiveness Really Loud Family Love

Our Motto at CHANGES is:

You are not a bad person trying to get good, you are an ill person trying to recover and get well. Welcome to CHANGES. CHANGE is an inside job!.