Ereen Mitchell
Ereen Mitchell

BA Psychology (UJ)
BA Honours Psychology (UJ)
Masters in Counselling Psychology (UJ)

Ereen Mitchell is a Counselling Psychologist at CHANGES Treatment Centre, registered with the Health Practitioners Council of South Africa (HPCSA), who is passionate about mental health matters, including but not limited to addictions, codependency and dual diagnosis.

In practice she believes in creating an ethical, containing, empathic and boundaried space where clients feel safe to grow, reflect and explore. From a practical point of view, she works using an integrative approach. Implementing the integrative approach allows for individual treatment plans, tailored for each client’s needs for both long and short-term therapeutic interventions.

Ereen believes in the success of working within a multi-disciplinary team to help support and guide individuals in treatment, particularly for those individuals struggling with substance dependence.