CHANGES on the farm is a long-term inpatient recovery program situated on a magnificent, tranquil, agricultural property on the outskirts of Johannesburg, close to Lanseria airport.
CHANGES on the Farm has changed the way we are providing treatment. Focus is placed on holistic treatment with emphasis on life skills and Trauma healing. Clients learn how to take personal responsibility, take care of themselves and others. From cooking skills to gardening, farming and caring for animals, Wood workshops, ceramics, mosaics and creative art expressions. Combined with cognitive behavioural therapy, Didactic Behavioural therapy, Group therapy and Individual therapy and a strong emphasis on 12 Step Groups, Step Work and meetings.


When all these therapies are integrated, we see strong, honest individuals emerging who are more able to deal with life issues in a healthy, sober and responsible manner. As we peel away the layers of the addictive mechanisms, we treat people with a Bio-Psycho-Social methodology which supports abstinence from substances, recovery from addiction and the ability to take personal responsibility.

We aim to uncover, develop and enhance each individual person’s talents and skills to prepare them for a successful re-entry into society, to ultimately live a clean, sober and serene lifestyle whilst discovering their full potential.