palm trees pool thatch roofCHANGES proudly offers and delivers the absolute best premier, residential, short term, long term inpatient, outpatient, luxurious halfway house addiction and substance abuse treatment programmes in Johannesburg South Africa. Simply put, we have been saving lives, restoring dignity, changing outcomes, healing families and continually shaping innovative and effective qualitative care with our various treatment options.

On offer is an opportunity to recover from a variety of addictions with personalised dignified hands-on managers at the rehabilitation Centres. Our experts have   a culminative experience of over 100 years.

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We provide clinical care, family support, training and re-integration services, within the field of addiction treatment and recovery. We assure you that you will be receiving the optimum in drug and alcohol rehabilitation available, personalized to each patient, and aimed at achieving lasting recovery and sobriety. Change is an inside job! The goal of the centre is to treat all addictions and to do so with our dignified, affordable, and high-quality treatment. Our emphasis is on Bio-psycho-social treatment and our core focus is ensuring that the person affected receives the best help possible and that the family and love-ones receive guidance during the recovery process.

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At CHANGES we understand addiction as well as the consequences and effects that result from this destructive disease. We help our clients build up life skills again and we assist them with re-integrating back into society. We believe that it is possible for the addict to overcome their addiction and to find some form of inner peace. At CHANGES we are able to assist with the process and we strive to support the addict towards a full recovery with our vast expertise.