Halfway Houses

Johannes and Auckland

Tertiary Care

Johannes Halfway House is situated in Fairlands, Northcliff while Auckland Halfway House is situated in Melville. At Changes’ Halfway Houses clients are able to reintegrate back into society in a measured and staged manner. They are able to face real-world challenges while benefitting from support by Changes staff who help them overcome life’s obstacles clean and sober. The environment is safe and comfortable with a strict routine and with a number of other safety measures in place.

Clients are encouraged to look for work but, if not working, they participate in a daily therapeutic programme. Clients are also introduced to outside resources and communities that will support their recovery in the long-term. While residing in the Halfway House, clients still benefit from mediated group therapy three times a week as well as weekly individual sessions with experienced addiction counsellors. Our Halfway House managers are experienced in providing support for recovering addicts as needed 24-hours a day.

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Client Testimonials

“A life-changing place for my whole family! We could not be more grateful. Thank you to Sheryl and team ❤️ I will be forever grateful to you all.”


“This rehab saves lives! I would only recommend Changes Addiction Rehab. Sheryl and her team are the best of the best!!!! Thank you, words can’t explain my gratitude.”


“I believe that Changes is making a difference. Excellent program with amazing staff. Changes Addiction Rehab is the place to go! I highly recommend it. They save lives..”