Medical Aid: Pays for Rehab.


Medical aid and Hospital Plan patients are usually covered for 21 days to 24 days of inpatient addiction treatment per year. In some instances, patients are responsible for a co-payment to cover the shortfall between what their medical aid covers and our costs.

For patients who are on a medical aid or hospital plan, the majority of their treatment costs are covered. Depending on your medical aid scheme and the package you’re on, these costs include medication, clinical costs, residential costs and fees related to consultations with health professionals which include doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, registered counsellors, occupational therapists and social workers.

For patients not part of a medical scheme or those who have utilised their annual benefits, a private rate is available. We also have a number of subsidised beds available for those who can’t pay the full fee’s. Please contact us to discuss on 081-444-7000.

Changes Addiction Rehab is approved and licensed by the DSD (Department of Social Development), the DOH (Department of Health) and the BHF (Board of Healthcare Funders)

Does Medial Aid Pay for Addiction Rehab?