Kate Saxton
Kate Saxton

MSC Counselling Psychology (London
Guildhall University)

Kate Saxton is a Counselling Psychologist, and an Executive and Developmental Coach qualified in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Since 2001, Kate has worked in the arena of Wellness and Employee risk. She worked for a well-known employee wellbeing company in a variety of positions, for 13 years, then went on to help other companies develop and grow their wellness programmes and offerings.

Her vast years’ of experience have allowed development in diverse areas of clinical care, including executive coaching, psychotherapeutic counselling, Human Resources and organisational development and consulting. This expertise has allowed her to engage diverse clientele profiles, from top executives and corporate entities as well as blue collar workers, managers and HR specialists, across all industries.

Kate maintains a thriving private practice with a broad scope of clients. She adopts an eclectically and integrative model, drawing on a range of therapeutic techniques and disciplines according to the needs of the client. Her clinical expertise in psychotherapy and executive coaching empowers clients to make conscious choices based on their true selves, and taking the appropriate action to realise their goals.

Kate brings to CHANGES her expertise in operational management and team development. She marries her clinical skills with her business and operational knowledge to ensure enhanced success of CHANGES.