CategoryOrganisationContact NumberWebsiteAdditional Info
Mental Health & AddictionSouth African Depression & Anxiety Group0800 21 22 23 or 0800 456 789 (24-hour helpline)SADAGSupport for depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns.
Substance Abuse 24hour Helpline0800 12 13 14SADAGDepartment of Social Development Substance Abuse Line 24hr helpline offers 24/7, free and confidential support by phone and text message (SMS).
Cipla 24-hour Mental Health Helpline0800 456 789 (24-hour helpline)Immediate support for mental health crises and emergencies.
Alcoholics Anonymous South Africa0861 435 722Alcoholics Anonymous South AfricaSupport for alcohol addiction with local groups nationwide.
Narcotics Anonymous South Africa083 900 6962Narcotics Anonymous South AfricaSupport for drug addiction with meetings across South Africa.
SANCA (South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence)011 892 3829 or WhatsApp 076 535 1701SANCAAddiction prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services.
National Responsible Gambling Program (NRGP)0800 006 008 (24-hour helpline)NRGPSupport for individuals dealing with gambling addiction.
Co-dependents South Africa082 343 4455CODACo-dependents Anonymous is a program of recovery from codependency offering local meetings.
Gamblers Anonymous South AfricaGamblers Anonymous South AfricaSupport for gambling addiction with local meetings.
Eating Disorders South Africa072 291 1286Eating Disorders South AfricaInformation and support for those with eating disorders.
Eating Disorders AnonymousEDA.orgSupport and information for individuals dealing with eating disorders, with online meetings.
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous South Africa[email protected]SLAASASex and Love Addicts Anonymous is a Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition oriented fellowship based on the model pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. The only qualification for SLAA membership is a desire to stop living out a pattern of sex addiction, love addiction, romantic obsession, co-dependent relationships, fantasy addiction and/or sexual, social and emotional anorexia.
Akeso Crisis Helpline0861 435 helpline provides information about mental health and mental health care services. The team can also assist you with navigating the various Akeso facilities and services if required.
SABDA (Schizophrenia & Bipolar Disorder Alliance)011 326 0661SABDAProvide a support group for parents, carers of and/or persons with schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder and related mental health disorders.
Suicide Crisis Helpline0800 567 567Suicide CrisisProvides crisis intervention and support.
General Mental HealthThe South African Federation for Mental Health011 781 1852 or 086 558 6909SAFMHPromotes mental health awareness and supports affected individuals.
Lifeline South Africa National Counselling0861 322 322 (24-hour crisis helpline)Lifeline South AfricaEmotional support and counseling for individuals in distress.
SADAG SMS HelplineSMS: 31393SADAGSend an SMS for mental health support and information.
ADHD Helpline0800 55 44 33
Befrienders Bloemfontein051 444 5000Befrienders offers 24-hour emotional support, via the crisis line and e-mail, to people experiencing feelings of distress or despair. Face-to-face counselling services are available to callers with access to Bloemfontein.
Abuse HelplinesPOWA (People Opposing Women Abuse)011 642 4345 (24-hour crisis line)POWASupport and resources for women experiencing abuse and violence.
Childline South Africa0800 055 555 (24-hour helpline)Childline South AfricaSupport for children and adolescents who are victims of abuse.
The Pink Ladies (Missing Children)072 214 7439The Pink LadiesAssists in finding missing children.
Child Welfare0800 535 754
Domestic Violence Assistance Programme031 260 1588
National Human Trafficking Helpline0800 222 777
Salvation Army (Human Trafficking Hotline)0800 737 287 (0800 – rescue)Salvation Army
Human Trafficking Helpline082 455 3664
Halt Elder Abuse Line (HEAL)0800 003 081 / [email protected]Helpline for elderly people.
Rape and Gender-Based ViolenceTEARS Foundation*134*7355# (USSD service) or 010 590 5920TEARS FoundationSupport for survivors of rape and gender-based violence.
Rape Crisis South Africa021 447 9762 (Cape Town) or WhatsApp 083 222 5164Rape Crisis South AfricaCrisis counseling and support for survivors of rape and sexual assault.
Gender-Based Violence Command Centre (GBVCC)0800 428 428 (24-hour helpline)GBVCCImmediate support and referrals for survivors of gender-based violence.
Stop Gender Violence Helpline0800 150 150Stop Gender ViolenceStop Gender Violence Helpline offers 24/7, free and confidential support and information over phone.
Sexual Health Line0861 322 322Lifeline South AfricaEmotional support and counseling for individuals in distress.
AIDS Helpline0800 012 322AIDS HelplineNational Department of Health.
Advice Desk for Abused Women031 626 9673/9
Emergency ServicesSouth African Police Service (SAPS)10111 (Emergency)SAPS
Netcare 911082 911Netcare911Private emergency medical services.
ER 24084 124ER24
Emergency Management Services (Cape Town)021 480 7700CapeTown Fire and RescueCape Town Fire and Rescue service.
Mindfulness and Mental HealthMindfulness AfricaMindfulness AfricaOffers mindfulness training and resources for mental well-being.
Headspace South AfricaHeadspace South AfricaProvides mental health education and mindfulness techniques.
Sexual Health HelplinesSexual Health Helpline0860 100 262
Marie Stopes (Abortion and Family Planning)0800 11 77 85Marie StopesAt Marie Stopes, we offer a wide range of modern contraceptive methods, safe abortion clinics as well as access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services at our conveniently-located centres. Visit one of our centres and a trained medical professional will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.
My Sexual Health011 568 4844
Love Life Sexual Health Line0800 121 900LoveLife
Treatment ResourcesTara Hospital Addiction Helpline011 597 8381Tara HospitalTara Hospital offers addiction treatment and counseling services. (Sandton)
SANCA (South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence)011 892 3829 or WhatsApp 076 535 1701SANCASANCA is a state organisation that offers affordable addiction prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services. They have various branches throughout the country.
LRC – Life Recovery Centre011 693 3616LRC – FacebookDrug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that admits adults with substance dependencies. It encompasses social work, therapeutic intervention, and the Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholic Anonymous principles. (Randfontein)
BTC – Breaking the Chains083 991 in-house patient primary care, catering for both men and women, specializing in the treatment and rehabilitation of substance abuse addicts. (Lenasia)
Recovery SpaceRecovery SpaceHelp promote recovery from eating disorders, with a focus on South African treatment options. Includes webinars, online coaching, and email counselling.
EDSA (Eating Disorders South Africa)081 444 7000EDSA
Recovery Direct081 444 7000Recovery DirectOnline rehab programmes, designed for you. Be free from distraction, free from judgment.
Other Useful ContactsCrime Stop0860 010 111
Gift of The Givers Foundation0800 786 786Gift of The GiversThe largest disaster response non-governmental organisation of African origin on the African continent. The essence of our presence is to bring hope and restore dignity to the most vulnerable.
OUT LGBT Well-Being0860 688 688OUTProvide stigma-free HIV and other health services to gay, bisexual, and MSM (men who have sex with men) communities. We also work to eradicate LGBT+ hate crimes and discrimination while assisting and supporting victims with paralegal advice and referrals.
MobieG0800 567 567 or WhatsApp 060 047 0000MobieGMOBIEG is a free mobile & web guide with reliable advice, information & help for people in need. We cover topics like abortion, pregnancy, dependency, depression, break-ups, divorce, domestic violence, anger, eating disorders, HIV, homosexuality, pornography, self-harm, rape, trauma, and any difficult situation you may be dealing with.
FAMSA (The Family and Marriage Association of South Africa)011 788 4784/5 or 011 788 4737/9FAMSAFAMSA’s Mission is to preserve the family with preventive and remedial services which build on existing strengths in individuals, couples, groups, and communities and enables people to deal with modern-day stressors and issues that threaten Family Life.
NSMSA (National Shelter Movement of South Africa)SMS or WhatsApp 082 057 8600 or 082 058 2215 or 072 239 7147NSMSATo network, advocate and lobby provincial, national, and international stakeholders, and engage in service provision, legislation and capacity building on GBV and sheltering of abused women and their children in South Africa.
XenoWatchCall or WhatsApp 060 794 9882XenoWatchMonitoring Xenophobic Violence in South Africa
Nerve Centre0800 012 322Lifeline South AfricaHelp desk for community members who have challenges with their chronic medication and is based at NDoH and is operated by LifeLine officials.
Therapy Route081 375 3519 (WhatsApp)Therapy (since 2016) is a clinician-run mental health resource and service directory that helps find a therapist near you.
Emergency Contraception Helpline0800 246 432
CANSA (Cancer Association Helpline)0800 22 66 22CANSACANSA is committed to connecting people facing cancer with information, day-to-day help as well as emotional support they need in the communities where they live. Our aim is to ensure that cancer Survivors and their loved ones don’t have to face cancer alone; we’re here to support them through every step of their cancer journey.
CHOC (Childhood Cancer Helpline)0861 113 500CHOCA non-profit organisation that advocates for the health and well-being of children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening blood disorders and their families.
Headway011 442 5733HeadwayOffers support to those, and their families, with brain injuries.
Mended Hearts and Stroke Foundation021 422 1586 (Cape Town) 010 589 2046 (Johannesburg) 031 261 9055 (Durban) 079 984 6529 (George)Heart FoundationMended Hearts and Stroke Group (MHSG) is a free monthly meeting for all those who have suffered a heart attack or stroke, and their families and friends. Meetings are regional in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Johannesburg.
Eating Disorder HopeEating Disorder HopeWebsite that offers links to treatment centres for eating disorders.
Government Call Centres and HelplinesNational Fraud Hotline0800 601
AIDS Helpline0800 012
National Anti-Corruption Forum0800 701
Crime Stop (Report Crime Anonymously)08600
Department of Education0800 202
Department of Environmental Affairs0861 112 468 (Tourism) 0800 116 110 (Tip-off – workplace dishonesty) 0800 205 005 (Tip-off contraventions of environmental legislation)
Department of Home Affairs0800 6011 90 (ID and Travel Docs) 0800 2044 76 (Ministerial hotline for Complaints or Compliments)
Department of Human Settlements0800 146 873 (Housing enquiries) 0800 204 401 (Fraud hotline)
Department of Small Business Development0860 663
Department of Water Affairs0800 200
Government Employees Pension Fund0800 117 669 (Pension and Benefits queries) 0800 43 43 73 (Anti-corruption hotline)
Health Complaints Eastern Cape0800 032