There are more and more individuals struggling with addiction every day and the most important thing for those that are affected is to understand that in order to get better, things need to change.

The purpose of CHANGES is to ensure that those suffering with dependency issues get the treatment and guidance that they need along the road to recovery. Change does not happen overnight, it is a process in which dedication is required. The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem; however, this is not necessarily easy.

CHANGES can help with the recovery process as long as the person affected has made the decision to commit themselves to their own recovery and to do what it takes to remain clean and sober. One of the purposes of CHANGES is to help addicts fight their addictions.

CHANGES Group of Treatment Centres offers an opportunity to enrol into a treatment facility that best suits the needs of clients who desire a unique, registered therapeutic rehabilitation programme offered nowhere else in South Africa! We pride ourselves through our various tailor made treatment options which optimally provide a continuum of care.

As a professional therapeutic Inpatient Treatment Facility, we are able to provide treatment from the initial assessment through to admission, offering a clinical detoxification in a caring supportive way. Thereafter a treatment plan will be adapted according to each individual client’s needs.

We are honoured to now offer Primary, Secondary, Tertiary as well as Relapse Prevention Care. Clients are treated professionally with dignity, respect and very clear boundaries which allows the client to get well within a Bio psychosocial treatment programme. Anonymity as well as confidentiality is key to the safety and respect of each client!