Welcome to Changes Treatment Centre


Welcome to CHANGES Treatment Centre, beautifully situated in the Northcliff area, North of Gauteng.

With the insight into the daily demand of substance abuse a well-trained team of professional experts handpicked for CHANGES you will find, Medical Doctors, Clinicians, Counsellors and other trusted professionals. These experts form an extended family for the recovering addict as they make their way through the rehabilitation process.

We are a facility with very clear and strong boundaries and we treat our clients professionally with dignity and love, we offer Dual Diagnosis Treatment in the form of an Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Centre as well as a Halfway House, treating Addictions and Addictive Disorders as well as underlying Psychiatric Disorders. We are a registered facility with the Department of Health & Social Development and are registered with all medical aids.

At CHANGES Treatment Centre, we provide a safe haven for those suffering from addiction and fearful or apprehensive upon entering into treatment. Staffed, with kind dedicated individuals that help clients get through the withdrawal phase and move on to the rest of their recovery.

Our programme is able to achieve a high degree of success in breaking down the denial system by an approach that combines many essential features:

  • We surround our clients with care, concern and understanding and offer support, assistance and treat them with dignity and respect.
  • Our small facility allows for intimate groups and individual attention.
  • We provide our clients with a multitude of facts and education about their illness and its negative consequences and the nature of their illness (the disease of addiction).
  • A multi-disciplinary approach based on abstinence, positive affirmation, intensive counselling and adherence to a structured 12-step recovery programme.
  • We help our clients live without chemical dependency, we break through their denial system and teach them new coping mechanisms.
  • We provide ongoing recovery and focus on relapse prevention and programmes.
  • We empower our clients to take responsibility for their own recovery and lives.


Why Changes?


CHANGES Treatment Centre & Halfway House offers a vastly unique approach to treating addictions. Whilst we are aware that the archaic belief is that an addict or alcoholic must be treated harshly, in order to achieve a long term, healthy recovery. This myth has been challenged and dismantled by CHANGES Group of Treatment. With our unique approach, we have had much success in treating the disease of addiction with dignity, clear boundaries and firm loving therapies.

Many celebrities have found sobriety through a similar approach that CHANGES use, if you are looking for an rehabilitation program that will work and if you take the suggestions which we have to offer you, your lives will Change forever! You could be one of the privileged many that can openly say “I changed at CHANGES”


Treatment Options

Our Rehab Centre provides holistic services using addiction treatment. Find out more information about how our treatments can help you live addiction free life.

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Halfway House

When battling addiction, a supportive and therapeutic environment is essential. Our halfway houses are safe, structured environments for recovering addicts to get back on their feet before returning to society.

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Family Guidance

In reality, addiction affects the entire family, not just the individual. Providing a strong, loving support system can make the road to recovery that little bit easier. Find out how you can help your loved ones.

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