Benefits of substance abuse rehabilitation

Anyone who has tried to quit an addiction on their own knows how difficult and daunting the process can be without support, that’s why it’s important to understand the benefits of substance abuse rehabilitation. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities can give an individual a better chance at finding long-term sobriety through providing support, education and practical tools to overcome their addiction.

How does rehab help drug addicts or alcoholics? The benefits of treatment include:

Here are some of the benefits of substance abuse rehabilitation.

Breaking the cycle of substance use

Stopping using drugs on your own can be difficult and entering a safe and drug-free environment where you are held accountable often helps begin the process of recovery. Treatment also helps individuals overcome any uncomfortable or dangerous withdrawal symptoms through a detox programme.

Addiction education and self-awareness

Learning about the disease of addiction and how it manifests in your life can help you maintain long-term recovery. Most treatment centres help you identify which people, places, things or feelings may trigger you to use substances. Identifying triggers and learning healthy coping mechanisms is vitally important in maintaining a drug-free life.

Underlying issues and shame

There are many different reasons why people end up using and depending on drugs. Addiction counsellors and other professionals like psychologists are trained to help addicts identify the root causes of their addiction. Dealing with these underlying issues in therapy helps addicts understand their addiction better. Therapy also helps individuals constructively deal with the guilt and shame attached to their addiction so that these emotions do not eventually lead them back to relapse.

Creating and reinforcing new healthy habits

In active addiction an individual’s daily routine is often structured around getting and using drugs as well as recovering from substance use. In treatment, new healthy habits and routines are introduced to an individual. Patients are able to practice new routines and ways of coping with life in a safe environment. They are encouraged to take this structure with them and implement it in their lives when they leave treatment.

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