Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Medical aids pay for inpatient addiction treatment.

We’ll pre-authorise for you.

Changes Addiction Rehab has the full range of care: Primary Care, Long Term rehab, Halfway Houses and Outpatient.



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Change Your Life Today

Changes Addiction Rehab provides specialised clinical care, family support, and re-integration services, to those who need addiction treatment and recovery. We provide treatment from the initial assessment through to admission, managing patients’ clinical detox, and once complete, we develop a treatment plan for each client’s individual and unique needs. We offer primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment programmes as well as relapse prevention care in order to assist you throughout your personal recovery process.

Passion & Purpose

Our passion and purpose is centred on working with patients and their families to treat all forms of addiction while addressing each person’s mental health needs.

Holistic Approach

We have a holistic approach to healing which focuses on more than just addiction recovery: We address the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual impact using drugs and/or alcohol has had on each patient.

Family Support

Families of patients can be integral to successful sustained recovery, providing strong support systems after individuals exit treatment. Loved ones are included and updated every step of the way in the patient’s treatment process.

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The Destructive Disease of Addiction

And we know that it has far-reaching consequences. We help our clients build up life skills again and assist them with re-integrating into society. It’s possible for an alcoholic or addict to overcome their addiction and we play an integral part in facilitating the recovery process. We assist addicts and their families in a way that supports a full recovery.


Why Choose Us?

Dual-Diagnosis Facility

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Our Treatment Strategy

Includes a multi-disciplinary approach based on abstinence, positive affirmation, intensive counselling and adherence to a structured 12-step recovery programme.

Family Support

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What People Say

“I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Changes and the entire team, from Sheryl all the way to Howard the cook and David the guard. Changes was where I received the love, respect, and safety to begin my recovery journey. It works if you work it.”


I just wanted to say thank you for the Changes Family for everything you did so far to assist with my son. In the beginning I felt like a terrible mom, but it is definitely worth it. I also knew that he was safe and I could finally breathe. He’s got a positive attitude and I just want to say thanks to everyone who cared and gave him a chance..”


“Compassionate. Understanding. Respectful. Motivational.
Professional medical and counseling care. Complete education about addiction and the solution. Best family support system.”


– Mental Health Matters –

Resources for Those Seeking Recovery

You’re not responsible for your disease but you are responsible for your recovery. Change your life today