Alcohol Addiction

Individuals often find that they are not able to cope with the stresses of life or they are overcome with emotions and they turn to alcohol without realising that alcohol is in fact a depressant and highly addictive.



A lot of people do not understand just how serious this form of addiction is. Co-dependency can take over your life.


Drug Addiction

Can range from prescription drugs to narcotics and no matter what the substance, it can be dangerous even fatal.


Eating Disorders

It is not uncommon that individuals use eating or starving themselves as a way of dealing with their emotions. No matter what the eating disorder, there are serious health risks.


Gambling Addiction

Yet another addiction that people take lightly. Gambling is probably one of the most common addictions and that is because there are so many ways in which it can be disguised as a pass time.



When life gets too much for people to bear and when emotions take over a lot of people find it hard to cope. This is the reason why they physically hurt themselves in order for the physical pain to distract them from the emotional pain.


Sex Addiction

An obsession with sex is very unhealthy, especially when it starts interfering with your life and how you function. Sex and relationship addiction is treated effectively at CHANGES.

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