CHANGES Treatment Centre offers a vastly unique multidisciplinary approach to treating addiction and the therapeutic team has many years’ experience in treating addictions and other disorders. Our emphasis is on Bio-psycho-social treatment and our core focus is ensuring that the person affected receives the best help possible as well as the family and love-ones receive guidance during the recovery process.


Immediately upon admission into treatment, the patient is assessed by the medical team and offered an appropriate detoxification regime, this is to ensure that they are withdrawn from narcotics and alcohol. We do not believe that the patient should suffer during the withdrawal process. It has been our experience that very often, people with addictions present have symptoms of underlying Psychiatric Disorders therefore we also offer a Psychiatric assessment by a Psychiatrist who is highly qualified in addiction medicine to ascertain if there is an underlying Psychiatric or other disorder.


Addiction causes much turmoil, but most of our clients have suffered various forms of trauma and psychological pain which need to be uncovered and ultimately addressed. We help our clients to address these issues in interpersonal group therapy, and individual therapy. The treatment combines elements of didactic behavioural therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, we offer lectures as well as 12 Step groups and step work. We teach our clients to identify relapse triggers and emotions attached to their addiction. Our primary focus is teaching new life skills and new coping mechanisms to remain clean and sober.


The tools used to optimize this stage of recovery is interpersonal group therapy. This offers the clients to see themselves in one another, i.e., the “Mirror” approach. It is proven that this method is highly effective in recognizing behaviours & compulsions that are not helpful to their recovery. They learn how to regain their authentic personal-power and meet their potential, dispelling the need to use substances.

Healing the body, the mind and the soul of a recovering addict can take a long time.  Often when the initial inpatient treatment is finished, clients are not yet ready to return home to families who were traumatized during their active using. We offer a halfway house and tertiary care program to strengthen their recovery process within a supportive contained environment therefore guiding them to learn the skills needed to exist in a world full of triggers and temptations. The halfway house becomes a safe space to practice the new approaches to manage their lives, then recovery from addiction is not just possible, it is doable!

CHANGES provides ongoing, continual support and treatment after the patient leaves the facility. There are 12 step meetings and aftercare support groups to ensure the patient is adequately supported to help to assist with a long-term recovery from addictions.

We accept all religious or non-religious clients and will not force any one religion upon our clients. We firmly believe and encourage each person to find their own spiritual pathway.